CM Dhami announces the opening of 138 construction projects worth a combined Rs 533 crore in the Tehri district.

At the Pratap Inter College Boradi, Tehri, on Saturday, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami officially opened and laid the cornerstone for 138 development programmes worth a combined Rs 533 crore. This also includes the laying of 93 foundation stones for projects totaling 375 crore rupees and the debut of 45 development plans worth 158 crore rupees. On this occasion, the Chief Minister went to the exhibition on development projects put on by several departments. On this occasion, the Chief Minister also opened the elite men’s and women’s boxing tournament at the state level. At the time, the Chief Minister said that steps will be taken to elevate Tehri Hydro Engineering College to the level of an IIT. It will submit a proposal to the Indian government.

A plan for clean drinking water will be created for the city of New Tehri using REACH. The New Tehri town picnic area will be transformed into an eco-park and run for the convenience of visitors. Sridev Suman University will establish a campus in the Assembly Constituency of Devprayag’s Naikhari College. The establishment of a college in the Bhilangana neighbourhood of the Ghansali assembly constituency will receive approval. There will be an effort to establish Centralized Bank branches in the Nageshwarsaud district in the Ghansali assembly seat.

The Chief Minister claimed that in addition to making choices, we are also carrying them out practically. We are persistently making progress towards our goal of creating a developed Uttarakhand. The government’s intentions and strategy are both clear, which is why there are now more job possibilities available in Uttarakhand than ever before. There are ongoing efforts to conduct recruitment exams fairly in the state, but some people are attempting to deceive the state’s innocent young and persuade them to rebel against the authorities.

The state legislature passed a severe anti-copying law in an effort to protect the state’s young. No paper leak will be able to copy in the future thanks to the execution of this regulation. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, the Chief Minister claimed, the state has seen unparalleled growth. Special campaigns are being undertaken throughout the state for cultural development, in addition to infrastructure, environmental conservation, and contemporary development. To strengthen the state’s fundamental systems, discourage migration, boost tourism, and generate new employment prospects in the state, a blueprint of policy measures is now being developed. The government’s development plans are focused on empowering young people, farmers, and women.

He claimed that the development of Uttarakhand won’t be certain unless our women, our farmers, and our young become independent. The state administration is committed to advancing along the lines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s outstanding vision and leadership. The state administration is pushing forward with a resolution without any options for Uttarakhand’s growth, according to the chief minister. We shall see the realisation of the finest Uttarakhand dream when the state celebrates its silver jubilee in 2025.

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