Debate rages as the administrator sits on the list of couples getting married in the Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana: 56 or 52.

The list of wedded couples was also not provided by the organizers.

Badnawar (Madhya Pradesh): In the Badnawar tehsil of the Dhar district, another issue has rocked the state government’s well Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana.

According to accounts, Janpad Panchayat married several people in Seed Corporation. 56 couples illegally exchanged vows during the occasion, according to officials. Nevertheless, four “havan kunds” planned for seven-phera marriages remained empty for the whole ceremony, suggesting that only 52 couples were people.

The list of wedded couples was also not provided by the organizers. Subsequently, it was stated that the failure to give the list of married couples was not the first time the organizers had engaged in irregularities.

In spite of government vows to be transparent, the organizers’ refusal to provide a list or press release raises fundamental concerns about their motivation.

According to sources, half of the couples who were wed at the occasion were made up because so many of them were from Indore, Ratlam, Badnagar, and Sardarpur. The organizers are attempting to prevent more disappointment after the same mass marriage ceremony was postponed on February 24 and March 19 in the past.

Ashakunwar Solanki, president of the janpad panchayat, announced that 56 couples were married at the event when he was contacted. She gave the CEO of the janpad panchayat responsibility for presenting the list.

RS Parihar, CEO of the Badnawar Janpad Panchayat, could not be reached over the phone despite repeated attempts.


Dattigaon, a cabinet minister, blessed married couples.

Rajvardhan Singh Dattigaon, a state cabinet minister and MLA, was the event’s principal guest. Rajesh Aggarwal, vice-chairman of the Civil Supplies Corporation, Ashakunwar Solanki, the president of the janpad, Khemraj Patidar, and several other leaders were there. Thousands of parents in the state, according to Dattigaon, benefited greatly from the program.

On behalf of the government, Dattigaon and others presented the married couples with checks totaling Rs 50,000. Dattigaon also said that he will pay each couple Rs. 5,000. Meena-Shekhar Yadav, the council president, gave each couple a wall clock.

The quality of the food served to guests at mass weddings and the presents provided to wedded couples have garnered attention for the plan.

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