PMAY and major programs will be the focus of the mayor’s first budget. Good !

BHOPAL: The budget for the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) will be presented here on Tuesday by Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai. After a lapse of three years, it will be the first budget under an elected council.

The budget’s new development plans will be built on the PMAY affordable housing program and other nationally supported programs. It’s expected to feature significant PMAY home developments in Rishi Nagar and Mahabadiya that are expected to cost roughly Rs 145 crores. More programs for women and the urban disadvantaged are also planned in the BMC budget.


Cash-strapped Another no budget of about Rs 3,500 crore is predicted for BMC to continue. It’s predicted that the council would argue strongly against BMC’s statement of interest in a loan of Rs 90 crore for its Neemuch wind power project. The plan was taken off the debate agenda at the most recent council meeting after certain BJP corporators expressed objection. Nevertheless, BMC later requested a loan for the same after the project’s withdrawal was disclosed. For its investments, BMC collected Rs 175 in municipal bonds earlier in 2018. For the 10-year bond, the coupon rate was 9.75%.

Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited’s finance choices have been heavily dependent on the majority of recent BMC infrastructure projects (BSCDCL). That source of funding has run out as the smart city program will mark its eighth anniversary this July, according to analysts.

Mayor Rai and the head of the BMC, Kishan Suryavanshi, attended a party meeting of the BJP corporators that took place earlier on Monday. There will be a general meeting prior to the budget. The opposition Congress is predicted to press the BJP-led council hard on topics like local government, the wind energy project, and the gradual ownership of the water supply, among many others.

Throughout the budget, several name changes will also be made. The main road to the Bhopal army base will carry Group Captain Varun Singh’s name. A hockey stadium will have Babulal Gaur’s previous chief minister’s name. On the agenda will be a suggestion to rename Bhopal Railway Station in honor of the late Kailash Sarang.

Shabista Zaki, the opposition leader in the BMC, claimed stated that “we have requested an explanation of the improved budget” previous to the budget meeting. The opposition leader declared, “The agenda for the conference has been made public, but items important to the public have not been added.”

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