The education sector would get Rs. 30,030 Cr. in the Odisha Budget 2023–24, along with a new scholarship programme.

Around 12.3 percent of the entire budget for this fiscal year is set aside for the education sector.

Bhubaneswar: The budget for 2023–24, which was unveiled today by finance minister Niranjan Pujari, includes a staggering Rs. 30,030 crore for the education sector.

Around 12.3 percent of the entire budget for this fiscal year is set aside for the education sector.

Up to 10,000 qualifying undergraduate (UG) students would get a sum of Rs 10,000 annually under the new Mukhya Mantri Medhabi Chhatrabruti Yojana programme. Also, 5000 qualified graduate students and 10,000 qualified technical and professional students would each receive a stipend for Rs 15,000 or Rs 20,000 annually.

200 deserving students who are chosen through an entrance test will also receive free coaching for the Civil Services Examination as well as free accommodation and boarding options from the State government.

Look at the following fiscal highlights for the education sector:

  • 30,030 crore, or around 12.3 percent of the overall budget for 2023–24, would be spent on the education sector.

  • The School and Mass Education Department would receive 22,528 crore.

  • 805 billion for the Mo School Abhiyan
  • 139 core in the new plan Best performing Districts, Blocks, Schools, Head Teachers, Teachers, Elected PRIs, SMC/SMDCs, CRCCs, BEOs, DEOs, Alumni Committees, and DIETs get Chief Minister’s Awards for Education.

  • In accordance with the Gangadhar Meher Sikshya Manakbrudhi Yojanav (GMSMY), all Class-IX students at government-run, government-aided, block grant high schools, Sanskrit Tols, and madrasas would get free bicycles.

  • The Mukhyamantri Medhabi Chatra Protsahan Yojana will distribute 811 crore in scholarships to qualified students.

  • Residential housing will be made available to students seeking higher education in urban areas under the AKANKSHYA Plan.

  • 3,173 billion for the Department of Higher Education

  • 163 crore will be spent on higher education institutions’ infrastructure.

  • 170 billion under the Mo College Abhiyan and 50 billion for the Biju Yuva Sashaktikarana Yojana’s laptop distribution.

  • Odia University at Satyabadi, Puri, would cost 20 crore and open its doors in December 2023.

  • Under the Odisha Higher Education Plan for Excellence and Equality, Government Universities and Colleges would get 228 crore for infrastructural development (OHEPEE).

  • 986 crore for technical education and skill development.

  • Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla and Odisha University of Technology & Research are being transformed into top-tier technical universities over the course of five years with expenditures of Rs. 2,000 crore and Rs. 1,500 crore, respectively.

  • The development of technical universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics, and ITIs is funded with 241 crore.

  • 10 billion under the Sudakhya plan to cover female students at government ITIs and polytechnics, regardless of category.

  • Under the Odisha Skill Development Programme, 100 crore was granted to encourage industry-linked training programmes and to improve the employability of young people in the State.

  • 22 crore were given to the Directorate of Employment to provide self-employment opportunities for young people who are unemployed.

  • To teach one lakh young people in future technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, data science, 3D printing, etc., NUA Odisha (Nutana Unnata Abhilasha) has allocated $100 million.

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