The Laadli Behna Yojana, in the opinion of MP CM Chouhan, would boost women’s self-confidence and represents a social revolution.

India’s Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh), 6 April (ANI): According to Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, a social revolution is taking place in the state to improve the lives of women. The Laadli Behna Yojana improve the country and the welfare of the populace have been the center of his life’s work.

“A social revolution is being attempted through the Laadli Behna Yojana. It will increase sisters’ self-confidence and bring respect into their lives. The participants of this yojana would get a monthly deposit of Rs 1000 into their accounts. This program would help women between the ages of 23 and 60 who are from households with an annual income of less than Rs 2.5 lakh, who own less than 5 acres of land, and who do not possess a four-wheeler. Each qualified sister would benefit from the program “declared CM Chouhan.

He said that on Wednesday while speaking at a Laadli Behna Sammelan in Beohari, Shahdol district.

He declared, “When I was a little child, I have realized that women don’t always receive equal treatment. They weren’t regarded with the same respect as sons in the home, the family, or the community. I have made the decision to battle for my girls’ respect. The Ladli Laxmi Yojana was started as soon as | became Chief Minister. After then, various programs like Mukhya Mantri Kanya Vivah/Nikah, Gaon Ki Beti, and Pratibha Kiran continued to strive for the benefit of women.

In addition, women in the state now have a 50% reservation in panchayats and municipal authorities. They now have more clout in politics because of this. Women are allowed a 30% reserve when applying to be police officers. Drugs are now under moral regulation in the state.

The Chief Minister also gave Tendu Patta collectors a bonus of Rs 51 crore at the event. A book titled “Safal-Sabal Shahdol” on the district administration was also published by him. He also lay the ground for the Rs 327.51 billion Bhanni Large Irrigation Project.

In addition to the ring road and bridge building, Chouhan also declared that Beohari will become a small smart city and that a college would start operating in Ban Sagar this academic year.

On discussing the PESA Act, CM Chouhan remarked that when it was put into effect, the tribal people received the rights to the land, water, and forests in the tribal territories. Tendu patta collectors may now collect and sell patta individually. They could run quarries for stone and ballast nearby.

The community peace and conflict resolution committee would resolve minor issues. No one could now seize their land.

The CM, criticizing the Congress administration, stated, “The previous administration failed to fulfill the loan waiver pledge, resulting in lakhs of farmers going into default. All of those farmers are receiving crop loans from our government at 0% interest by paying interest. Even in farmers’ uneven fields, water is delivered by installing pipelines.

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He continued by saying that CM Rising Schools, which were established in the state and came complete with a library, lab, playground, and other services, were built in order to offer a better education than private schools. The construction of each CM Rise school cost around Rs 35 crores, and buses were set up to transport pupils from up to 25 miles away. (ANI)

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