India or Bharat?

India may be renamed Bharat. Bharat is the original name of India.

Why the name change?

Some people want to change the name because they think India is a colonial legacy. Others think Bharat is more inclusive.

The political implications

The ruling party is Hindu nationalist, so some people think the name change is an attempt to promote Hindu-centric views.

The legal challenges

The Indian constitution refers to the country as India. So, changing the name would require a constitutional amendment.

The public reaction

People have mixed reactions. Some support the change, while others oppose it.

The future of the name change

It is unclear whether the name change will actually happen. The government has not yet announced any plans.

The rise of the Hindu right

The name change is part of a broader trend of the rise of the Hindu right in India.

The implications for minorities

The name change could have implications for minorities in India. Some people fear that it could lead to increased discrimination against Muslims and other religious minorities.

The need for inclusive nationalism

The debate over the name change is a reminder of the importance of inclusive nationalism. India is a diverse country with a rich history. 

The future of India

The future of India depends on its ability to be a truly inclusive and tolerant society. The name change is a test of India's commitment to these values.