Jawan Earns ₹200 Crore in 3 Days

Shah Rukh Khan's new movie, Jawan, has earned ₹200 crore in 3 days. This is a lot of money!

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Jawan's First Day Collection Highest Ever

Jawan earned ₹74.5 crore on its first day. This is the most money any Shah Rukh Khan movie has ever made on its first day.

Jawan's Second Day Collection  Lower Than First Day

Jawan's second day collection was lower than its first day collection. It earned ₹53 crore on its second day.

Jawan Expected to Earn More on Third Day

Jawan is expected to earn more on its third day. It is projected to earn ₹70 crore on its third day.

Over 11 Lakh Tickets Sold for Jawan

Over 11 lakh tickets have been sold for Jawan. This means that many people want to see the movie.

Anand Mahindra Praises Jawan

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, praised Jawan. He said that Shah Rukh Khan is a natural resource for India.

Jawan a Success for Hindi Film Industry

Jawan is a success for the Hindi film industry. It is a sign that people still want to watch big-budget, commercial movies in India.

Jawan a Relief for Shah Rukh Khan

Jawan is a relief for Shah Rukh Khan. His last few movies did not do well at the box office.

 Jawan a Sign of Things to Come

Jawan is a sign of things to come. It shows that there is still a market for big-budget, commercial movies in India.

Jawan a Celebration for Fans

Jawan is a celebration for fans of Shah Rukh Khan. They have been waiting for his return to the big screen.