CBSE Date Sheet 2024 | CBSE 10th and12th, Practical | Theory Exam Date Link

CBSE Date Sheet 2024:- The Central Board of Secondary Education has successfully concluded a pivotal session, and the notification is now accessible on the official website concerning the CBSE Exam Date 2024. It is imperative to communicate that, aligning with the CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024, examinations are slated to commence on the 15th of February 2024, extending through the 2nd of April 2024. Correspondingly, students enrolled in the Arts, Science, and Commerce streams at the Intermediate level need to acknowledge that, as per the CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2024, their exams kick off on the 15th of February and culminate on the 10th of April 2024.

CBSE Date Sheet 2024
CBSE Date Sheet 2024
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Both Practical and Theoretical Examinations are orchestrated in accordance with the CBSE Class 10th and 12th Time Table 2024. It is advisable for students to expedite their preparations, as the countdown to the commencement of exams has begun. Additionally, for your convenience, the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 can be retrieved from to formulate a structured study plan. Strategies for exam preparation as per CBSE Board Exam Date 2024 for Class 10th and 12th are also elucidated below.

The CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Overview

All scholars presently pursuing education in Class 10 and 12 under the aegis of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, should note that the CBSE Class 10th and 12th Exam Date 2024 has been officially declared. It is imperative to comprehend that the Board Examinations are slated to commence on the 15th of February 2024, with a culmination on the 2nd of April 2024. Initiating completion of the syllabus and embarking on revision tailored to respective subjects is crucial for achieving commendable results.

Additionally, the CBSE Time Table is outlined below for reference, facilitating students in structuring their study schedules. In the Class 10 Exams, Practical Assessments are slated for Science, Computer Science, and other subjects, while Theory Examinations are reserved for other major subjects. Analogously, in Class 12, Practical Examinations for various Science and Technical Subjects precede the Theoretical Examinations in adherence to the CBSE Class 12th Date Sheet 2024 PDF. Access to the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 PDF will be available at shortly, allowing students to plan meticulously. Until then, students can glean insights from the Subject Wise CBSE Board Exam Dates 2024 for Class 10th and Class 12th.

Exam Date Sheet 2024 Snapshot for CBSE Classes 10th and 12th

Board Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
Exams CBSE Board Exams 2024
Classes 10th and 12th Class
Session 2023-24
Type of Exam CBSE Board Annual Examination 2023-24
CBSE Class 10th Exam Date 2024 15th February to 02 April 2024
Subjects in Class 10th English, Science, Hindi, Computer Science, Social Science, Physical Education & Other Subjects
CBSE Class 10 Practical Exam Date 2024 January-February 2024 (Preceding the Board Exams)
Conducted by School Administration
CBSE Class 12th Exam Date 2024 15th February to 10 April 2024
CBSE Class 12th Practical Exam Date 2024 Jan to Feb 2024
Streams Arts, Science, Commerce
Paper Type Theory & Practical Examinations
Type of Post Exam Date
CBSE Website

CBSE Class 10th Datesheet 2024 PDF Download

Subject-wise details of CBSE Class 10th Exam Date 2024 are as follows:

Subject CBSE Class 10th Exam Date 2024
Painting/Gurung/Rai/Tamang/Sherpa/Thai 15th February 2024
Vocational Subject 17th February 2024
Music Subjects 19th February 2024
Foreign Language 22nd February 2024
Regional Language 26th February 2024
English Language and Literature 29th February 2024
Punjabi/Sindhi/Malayalam/Odia/Assamese/Kannada 4th March 2024
NCC 5th March 2024
Science 8th March 2024
Home Science 13th March 2024
Elements of Business 15th March 2024
Sanskrit 18th March 2024
Computer Applications, Information and Technology, Artificial Intelligence 20th March 2024
Social Science 26th March 2024
Hindi Course A, Hindi Course B 31st March 2024
Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Basic 4th April 2024

The Central Board of Secondary Education is gearing up to conduct the Class 10th Board Exams in February, March, and April 2024. Students are encouraged to download the CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024 PDF from the official website to commence their preparations. These examinations are slated to unfold between the 15th of February 2024 and the 10th of April 2024, encompassing both Theory and Practical Examinations. Crafting a well-devised strategy is pivotal for securing excellent marks and subsequently pursuing higher studies in esteemed institutions. Each subject will feature 100 marks distributed across sections with varying weightages.

CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2024 for Arts, Science, Commerce

Analogously, the CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2024 for Arts, Science, and Commerce is outlined below for your perusal, facilitating tailored preparation. As of now, the CBSE Exam Notice has been unveiled online post the crucial meeting, stipulating that examinations will unfold between the 15th of February and the 10th of April 2024. Expedite your revision aligned with the subject-wise CBSE Syllabus to secure commendable marks. Subject-wise exam dates are explicitly elucidated in this section.

CBSE Board Exam 2024 for Class 10th and 12th: Subject-wise Schedule

Subject-wise CBSE 12th Exam Date 2024 is as follows:

Subject CBSE 12th Exam Date 2024
Entrepreneurship 15th February 2024
Electronics Technology, Biotechnology, Food Nutrition & Dietetics,  Engineering Graphics, Shorthand (English and Hindi), Library & Information Science 19th February 2024
Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Banking, Kathakali, Horticulture 21st February 2024
Hindi Elective and Core 24th February 2024
Office Procedure, Food Production, and Practices, Data Science, Design 26th February 2024
Early Childhood Care, Artificial Intelligence 29th February 2024
Hindustani Music Mel Ins, Hindustani Music Voc, Cost Accounting, Automotive, Healthcare 2nd March 2024
English Elective and Core 4th March 2024
Beauty & Wellness, Russian, Marketing 6th March 2024
Retail, Agriculture, Multimedia 9th March 2024
Chemistry 11th March 2024
Financial Markets Management, Bengali, Textile Design, Typography, Medical Diagnostics 13th March 2024
Geography 15th March 2024
Yoga 18th March 2024
Hindustani Music Vocal 20th March 2024
Physics 21st March 2024
Legal Studies 23rd March 2024
Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Telangana, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Manipuri, Malayalam, Odia, Spanish, Kashmiri, Mizo, Assamese, Arabic, Tibetan, French, German, Persian, Nepali, Limbo, Lepcha, Bhutia, Sanskrit Core, Bodo, Tangkhul, Japanese  25th March 2024
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics 27th March 2024
Physical Education 29th March 2024
Fashion Studies 30th March 2024
Biology 30th March 2024
Economics 1st April 2024
Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Art (Commercial Art) 2nd April 2024
Political Science 4th April 2024
Information Practices, Computer Science 5th April 2024
Business Studies, Business Administration 7th April 2024
History 8th April 2024
Accountancy 9th April 2024
Home Science 10th April 2024
Sociology 10th April 2024
Psychology 10th April 2024

As the CBSE Board Exam 2024 for Class 10th and 12th approaches, all students are urged to formulate a meticulous strategy to secure exemplary marks. Initiate by completing the syllabus and grasping concepts to afford ample time for revision. The crux to achieving success in the CBSE Board Exams 2024 for Class 10th and 12th lies in revision and practicing with sample test papers. With approximately 6 months remaining until the final exams unfold for the 2023-24 session, ensure you possess notes and reference materials to conclude your studies and syllabus promptly, thereby ensuring a strong academic performance. The download instructions for the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 for Class 10th and 12th in PDF format are outlined below.

Download Instructions for CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 10th, 12th PDF

Following these instructions will facilitate the seamless download of the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 in PDF format for Class 10th and 12th:

  • Open and click on the Examination Link.
  • Select the time table link and then choose your Class between 10th & 12th.
  • Wait for the PDF file to open, featuring Subject Names and Exam Dates.
  • Download this file and proceed to take a printout for further reference.
  • Commence your study plan according to the schedule, setting the stage for securing exemplary marks in the upcoming exams.


In conclusion, as the CBSE unveils the Class 10th and 12th Board Exam schedule for 2024, students face a pivotal moment. The diverse timetable underscores the Board’s commitment to holistic education. Success lies in more than memorization; it demands a profound understanding of each subject. As exam dates approach, students are urged to leverage CBSE resources, charting a strategic study plan for mastery. With preparation, dedication, and a nuanced approach, students can confidently navigate this academic milestone, setting the stage for a promising future in higher education.

CBSE Exam Date 10th12th Datesheet Source 2024 Important Links

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CBSE Date Sheet 2024 FAQs

Q:- When do CBSE Class 10th exams start in 2024?

Ans:- The exams commence on February 15, 2024, and conclude on April 2, 2024.

Q:- What about CBSE Class 12th exams?

Ans:- Class 12 exams also start on February 15, 2024, and end on April 10, 2024.

Q:- Are Practical Exams included?

Ans:- Yes, both Class 10th and 12th include Practical Exams.

Q:- Where can I download the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 PDF?

Ans:- Visit, go to the Examination Link, select the time table link, and download the PDF.

Q:- Any tips for exam preparation?

Ans:- Complete the syllabus, revise thoroughly, and practice with sample test papers for success.

Q:- How can I secure good marks?

Ans:- Follow a strategic study plan, prioritize revision, and ensure thorough understanding of concepts.

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