Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme Odisha 2024 | Registration, Beneficiary & Eligibility @ missionshakti.odisha.gov.in

Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme Odisha:- In a bid to empower women in the state, the Odisha government has launched the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme. This visionary scheme, announced by the honorable Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik, aims to distribute scooters to 2 lakh women across the state. Under the Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Odisha, a total of 15,000 scooter units will be disbursed to eligible beneficiaries. Let’s delve into the details of this empowering initiative, from the application process to eligibility requirements and more.

Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme
Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme
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Mission Shakti Scheme 2024

The Mission Shakti Scheme, initiated by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, seeks to empower women in Odisha through Self Help Groups (SHGs). The program places significant emphasis on promoting social change and social security in various sectors, including health, nutrition, sanitation, and gender equality. It recognizes the vital role SHGs and their federations play in achieving these goals.

A Glimpse into Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Odisha

The government of Odisha has embarked on a mission to empower women through various programs, and the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme is a significant step in this direction. This scheme offers scooters to women in the state, with the added benefit of interest-free loans. It’s intended to increase women’s access to mobility and freedom.

Scooter Distribution Yojana Odisha

On October 11, 2023, the Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik, made an exciting announcement. He revealed the launch of the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme, a scheme that promises to distribute scooters to 2 lakh women belonging to self-help groups in the state. In the initial phase, a total of 15,000 scooters were distributed, marking a historic moment in women’s empowerment.

Scheme Name Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme
Announced By Shri Naveen Patnaik Ji
State Odisha
Year 2024
Distribution to 2 Lakh Women
Number of Units 15,000
Application Process Offline/Online
Official Website https://missionshakti.odisha.gov.in/

The Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme opens up exciting opportunities for eligible women. It allows them to purchase a scooter of their choice with a bank loan of up to one lakh rupees, with the added advantage of a full interest subsidy.

How to Register for Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme?

Registering for the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official webpage.
  • Locate the application form.
  • Fill in your personal information, including your name, address, age, gender, and date of birth.
  • Upload any required documents.
  • Select “Submit” and don’t forget to download and print the form for your future reference.

Mission Shakti Scooters Yojana Features

Under this program, approximately 2 lakh women will receive Mission Shakti scooters, significantly enhancing their mobility and independence. Furthermore, about 75,000 Mission Shakti scooters will be allocated to the Community Support Staff (CSS), ensuring that those who play a pivotal role in empowering women have the tools they need.

The scheme also extends its benefits to around 1,25,000 federation Staff, providing them with scooters to facilitate their work. Notably, the scheme offers an interest-free loan to support the purchase of these scooters, underscoring the government’s commitment to this noble cause.

Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme
Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme

Mission Shakti Scooters Yojana Beneficiaries

The Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme benefits various segments of the community support staff, including Bank Mitras, Prani Mitras, Krushi Mitras, Community Resource Persons, Udyog Mitras, Self Help Groups, Business Correspondence Agents, and Livelihood Support Persons. Additionally, around 1,25,000 Federation officials, including Executive Members and Office Bearers from all Panchayat levels, are beneficiaries of this scheme.

This extensive coverage reaches Executive Members and Office Bearers at various levels, ensuring that empowerment and accessibility are widespread throughout the state.

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Budget

The Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana boasts a substantial budgetary allocation of INR 528.55 crore over the next five years. This allocation reflects the state government’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and understanding the social impact this scheme can create.

By supporting Community Support Staff and Executive Committee members, the program acknowledges their crucial role in driving social change and women’s empowerment across the state. This budgetary provision ensures the effective implementation of the Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana, helping it reach its full potential.

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana
Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana

Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme Benefit

Through the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme, Mission Shakti Federation Staff and Community Support Staff gain cost-effective access to two-wheelers. This initiative enhances their effectiveness in performing their duties, broadening their community outreach, and empowering them to create positive change. It’s estimated that around 75,000 SHG Community Support Staff members and approximately 1,25,000 SHG federationStaff will benefit from this scheme.

Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana Rules

To be eligible for the Mission Shakti Scooter Yojana, beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be citizens or legal residents of Odisha.
  • A good credit score is required for applicants to receive an interest-free loan.
  • The applicant must be a member of the Federation Staff or Community Support Staff.
  • A total of 2 lakh women are eligible to receive scooters under this program.
  • Members of self-help groups are also eligible beneficiaries.

In conclusion, the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme is a remarkable initiative that seeks to transform the lives of women in Odisha. By providing access to scooters, it not only enhances mobility but also empowers women to create meaningful change in their communities. The state government’s substantial budgetary provision ensures the successful implementation of this scheme, making it a beacon of hope for women across Odisha.

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Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme FAQs

Q:- Who is eligible for the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme?

Ans:- To be eligible, beneficiaries must be citizens or legal residents of Odisha and have a good credit score. They must also be either Federation Staff or Community Support Staff members.

Q:- How can I apply for the Mission Shakti Scooter Scheme?

Ans:- You can apply by visiting the official webpage, filling out the application form, and providing the necessary personal information and documents.

Q:- How many scooters will be distributed under the scheme?

Ans:- A total of 15,000 scooters were distributed in the initial phase, with the aim of distributing to 2 lakh women in total.

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